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Demand Side Management (DSM) Solution

In the evolving smart grid landscape, demand side management (DSM) is touted as the fifth dimension of power supply.

In the past, the primary objective of DSM programs was to provide cost-effective energy and capacity resources to help defer the need for new sources of power and significant capital expenditure. However, industrial changes, including increased government and regulatory focus towards energy efficiency, climate change, and the advances in smart grid technologies, have resulted in the increased usage of DSM by electric utilities to enhance customer service.

With the ever increasing scope and scale of DSM programs, utilities face several challenges in administering these programs effectively. To realize the full economic and societal value of DSM programs, utilities need to successfully address these challenges and ensure seamless and timely delivery of DSM programs to customers while designing a flexible internal workflow.

Infosys DSM solution based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) helps utilities manage multiple programs simultaneously. In addition, the Infosys solution enables utility companies to better control the lifecycle of a DSM program, as well as configure workflows to facilitate dynamic changes.

Staying on time and budget for DSM initiativeTemplate-based systemReduced time-to-market through easy to launch programs enabled by pre-existing templates
Rigid workflow does not facilitate change or growthCustomizable workflowAbility to modify / configure workflow to suit program's changing needs, while scaling up for an increasing customer base
Single view of data for users, limits visibilityConsolidated platform to manage all programsThe system allows users to gain a consolidated view of program performance. The system also helps to launch ‘baskets’ of programs.

The Infosys advantage

  • Platform-based offering makes the solution more robust and configurable
  • Template-based system allows utilities to create their own templates without ever touching the framework
  • Proven partner ecosystem to deliver this solution
  • Improve time-to-market for program
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