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Work Flow Optimization Solution

Infosys' Work Flow Optimization (WFO) solution is a next-generation Customer Information System (CIS) framework. It enhances customer satisfaction while improving operational efficiency. Contact Center WFO produces an overall view of customer experience and provides technical direction of service-enabled architecture for future integration needs. Contact Center WFO creates value by streamlining workflow and displaying unified customer information across customer service, IT and business organizations.

Infosys' WFO solution can help Utilities modernize their CIS while enabling contact centers to adapt to the new age of information technology and changing market dynamics.

The user interface of CIS is complexOptimization of user interface based on call center and back-office requirements using usability/UXD * principlesReduction in average handling time up to one minute per call
High average handle time (AHT) and low first call resolveFunction-specific view of information as opposed to database or transaction view of information Reduction in the backlog of tickets/exceptions leading to improved customer satisfaction
Accounting and back-office agents excessive amounts of time clearing the tickets backlog and resolving recurring process exceptionsTicket-specific view with exception information, analysis information and likely resolution transaction rolled into one Reduction in agent training time by 10%-25% and training costs
The complexity of applications affects agents' productivityElimination of unnecessary steps, drill-down for less frequently used information
Automation of routine exceptions through an exception review processor in the back-end
Reduction in repeat calls/repeat exceptions
Increased customer satisfaction and employee morale
Increased bandwidth for strategic initiatives

* UXD = User Experience Design, a part of Infosys' InFluxT solution, a framework to improve user productivity through better User Interface.

The Infosys Advantage

Customer Satisfaction Workflow

Infosys' work flow optimization WFO system is the only solution that enhances the customer experience and operational efficiency simultaneously.

The solution helps modernize your existing CIS, addresses your specific business and technology needs and integrates with other customer service solutions such as channel integration, telephony (CTI, IVR) integration and web-based self-help options.

Infosys' WFO solution costs an average of US$ 2 - US$ 4 per customer (for utilities with more than one million customers) compared to an investment of US$ 40 - US$ 50 per customer for typical CIS installations. The solution uses your existing back-end systems and Infosys' Global Delivery Model for development.

Infosys' WFO is a comprehensive Customer Service Solution framework built specifically for customer service organizations within the Utility business. It reduces the working capital requirements of contact centers significantly, as illustrated below.

Infosys - Customer Management Framework
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