A European waste management company focused on the circular economy wanted to capitalize on digital technology to drive a business transformation.

The company sought to boost productivity by increasing automation, introduce new business models by streamlining sales, materials and logistics processes, and become more responsive with real-time data access and sharing.

Infosys modernized the company’s ERP ecosystem with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain, and Cosmo Consult’s ERP solution for waste management, disposal, and recycling.

Key Challenges

The company’s operations were constrained by several factors:

  • End-of-life technology with escalating total cost of operations limited scope for improvement
  • A non-harmonized operating model caused an inconsistent user experience
  • Inefficiencies in reporting made regulatory compliance challenging
  • On-premise infrastructure led to slow time-to- market and operational inefficiencies
  • Lack of an integration platform resulted in data inconsistency leading to invoicing errors and a sub-par customer experience

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The Solution

ERP platform creates a seamless ecosystem by enabling integration of 105 applications

Infosys evaluated the waste management company's application landscape by using our Platform Evaluation Framework and implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain along with Cosmo Consult’s ERP solution.

Our team enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 by integrating it with Dealhub’s configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution. We also leveraged Azure Integration Services to integrate multiple third-party systems such as Vehicle Terminal, Weigh Bridge Systems, and Data Warehouse.

Our solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure enabling the company to scale up its infrastructure to serve 372,000 customers and generate 800,000 invoices every month.

Our platform helps the company introduce digital-first services, enabling the company to grow business in materials treatment, renewable energy, and recycling. Significantly, our solution optimizes material flow and production, and maximizes labor and equipment utilization.

ERP solution is a catalyst for the circular economy

  • User experience
    Automation ensures a consistent business user and end user experience
  • Real-time data sharing
    Access to timely and accurate data helps generate 800,000 invoices every month
  • Regulatory compliance
    Enhanced visibility into operations allows easier regulatory reporting and compliance


Integrated business applications created a seamless enterprise covering opportunity to contract, record to report, procure to pay, order to cash and reporting capability leveraging data warehousing

Boosts productivity
A high degree of automation mitigates risks and maximizes productivity

User-friendly applications provide a superior customer experience with real-time data access

Platform allows the company to expand the application footprint to more countries / regions by leveraging localization capabilities