Infosys Information Platform (IIP) delivers unmatched value with its three-pronged advantage

Advantage of IIP: Real-time Intelligence 
Advantage of IIP: Reduced Total Cost of Ownership 
Advantage of IIP: Data Security 
How do we deliver the business value through IIP?

Commitment and contributions to the open source

The extensive use of open source in Infosys Information Platform (IIP) reflects the commitment of Infosys to the open source community. Infosys wants to grow this adoption by making significant improvements in areas such as performance and security, and is contributing these changes back to the community. Through its platinum sponsorship of the Open Data Platform (ODP) initiative, Infosys is working with other industry leaders to promote and advance the state of Apache Hadoop and other enterprise big data technologies.

Flexible and rapid deployment

IIP has gained praise for its speed of deployment and analytical results. In comparison to proprietary tools, the time frame of deployment has been reduced from weeks to days. Additionally, IIP is flexible in terms of:

  • Scalability and elasticity of the hardware setup
  • Deployment possibilities on public / private cloud
  • Single-click install
  • No vendor lock-in

End-to-end data platform

IIP comes with Infosys accelerators and tools that help simplify the complexities of skills and open source tools. Some of the tools include:

  • Data extractor – Ingests data in near real-time from multiple sources
  • Data explorer – Performs data modeling with varying levels of complexity for different users
  • In-memory analytics – Discovers patterns in the data real-time
  • Cluster maintenance – Enables quick onboarding with single-click installer
  • Resource manager – Manages and monitors resources across applications
  • Data security – Meets enterprise requirements for security trough authentication, authorization, and role-based accesses
  • Data governance – Performs version management of metadata and maintains data lineage and data audit

Data science and analytics talent

We have over 200 data scientists in our consolidated analytics practice and intend to double this number in the next few months. We have taken a step forward toward nurturing the talent needs of the industry by partnering with the Institute of Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University. As part of this collaboration, we will develop curriculum in data science and analytics focusing on real-world problems and undertake research to find solutions to key industry problems.

Single point of support for end-to-end data pipeline

Functional and technical experts are available to support the entire hardware and software stack and all your data needs.

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