How Infosys Information Platform helped tennis fans see more

ATP Tour, Inc. (ATP) is the governing body of men’s professional tennis circuits – the ATP World Tour. With 62 tournaments in 31 countries, the ATP World Tour showcases the best of tennis in the world’s most exciting venues. Seeking to enhance the tennis experience for its fans and players, ATP partnered with Infosys, to explore the possibility of creating a new analytical series that dwells deeper into what statistics can reveal about player performance. Further it plans to showcase how historical data around player performance, their strengths and weaknesses can be used to predict player behaviour, their shot selection and finally the outcome of the match itself.


Explore how our clients are deriving value from big data

Big data has the potential to change the world around you and create wins that matter. However, businesses often struggle to use it to their advantage. Take a look at how we made sense of the data for our clients and helped them take decisions faster.


Know your customers

One of the world’s leading office automation majors wanted to predict the propensity of their customers’ purchase pattern. Infosys offered a solution that included machine learning models to predict high propensity customers who can buy specific products and services that will help sales force to cross-sell and upsell. We also used industry leading visualization tools coupled with open-source technology stack for real-time predictive analytics, thus saving cost.


Pre-empt the erroneous before it’s too late

One of the biggest mining companies in the world has a number of autonomous and unmanned trucks operating across various geographic locations. The failure of these vehicles affects their whole supply chain and could paralyze their business. Infosys Information platform (IIP) offers process data in real time, which is completely elastic and scalable. Consequently, we are supporting the client’s business plan to increase their fleet of unmanned trucks by more than 300 percent with a corresponding increase in sensor data loads.

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