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Realizing value through big data

The investment-value conundrum

“According to Gartner, 73 percent of the enterprises are either investing or planning to invest (in ~2 years) in big data, however, of these, 65 percent are struggling with determining how to get value from big data.” Gartner Webinar, Big Data Industry Insights, Lisa Kart, January 27, 2015.

Why, then, are enterprises failing to get desired outcomes from their expensive proprietary systems? The answers are not hard to find. Existing systems fall short in:

  • Managing the volume and variety of data
  • Adapting to innovations in technology, and
  • Understanding how data is consumed


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Furthermore, even when enterprises invest in the big data initiatives, they face challenges in terms of non-optimized IT investments, inefficient analytics and complicated data-to-insight lifecycle. Let’s take a look.

Non-Optimized IT investments
  • Tedious version management
  • Inability to manage disparate projects
  • Unable to adapt to changing technology paradigms
  • Dearth of self-service options
Inefficient analytics
  • Lack of data science and Hadoop skills
  • Lack of industry-specific, easy-to-deploy applications
  • Delayed time-to-action
Complicated data-to-insight life cycle
  • Inability to ingest all data - structured or unstructured - in real time
  • Inept data modeling
  • Not ready to handle diversity of data
  • Lack of comprehensive visualization
  • Concerns regarding security and governance

Infosys Information Platform

IIP leverages the power of open source to address big data adoption challenges such as inadequate accessibility of easy-to-use development tools; fragmented approach to building data pipelines; and lack of an enterprise-ready version of open source big data analytics platform that can support all forms of data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured.

In today's world, where the advantage of information becomes obsolete in matter of seconds, Infosys Information Platform (IIP) gives you actionable foresights in real-time.


Benefits of IIP: Real-time insights

Real-time insights via data science and in-memory computing

Benefits of IIP: Reduced total cost

Reduced total cost of ownership via open source

Benefits of IIP: Data Security

Meet enterprise requirements for security, governance, and high availability