About the awards

Innovation, from the heart

When you think of innovation, what comes to your mind? The latest smartphone? An intelligent speaker that you can summon to switch on a light bulb? A self-driving car? We often associate innovation with sophisticated labs, startup huddle rooms or educated individuals. But can innovation also happen far away from our cities, with little or no equipment, by an ordinary person with limited education but with a brilliant and empathetic mind looking to solve a real problem?

We at Infosys Foundation believe that Innovation is everyone’s business and all you need is the passion to drive change and an empathetic mind that is looking for answers to problems around us. We believe that innovation can happen anywhere, anytime and by anyone. In fact, we are convinced that some of the most relevant, and useful innovations are born in the hinterlands of India and have the power to change the world as we see it.

Aarohan Social Innovation Awards by Infosys Foundation is the platform where we will provide mentorship for such ideas and help you bring them to life. Through these awards, we’re committing to help leading innovators in the social sector to scale their innovations and improve lives. Infosys Foundation is committing a sum of up to INR 1.5 crores to help relevant innovations scale up.

The objective of Aarohan Social Innovation Awards is to accelerate innovation, and scale the impact of relevant ideas. We would like to recognize and help individuals, teams or NGOs, who are developing unique solutions for real-world problems.

If you have a unique product, or a solution that can make a difference, or know someone who has ideas to change the world, then here’s your platform. We believe in innovation, from the heart.