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Till the change is for real

Till the change is for real

Report 2015-16
What is it like when a boy living on a railway platform sees the inside of a classroom for the first time? Or when a remote village that has lived all its life without electricity discovers solar power? What does it mean for a fishing community devastated by cyclone when it gets a chance to rebuild its life and livelihood? How does collective empathy give birth to the world's largest midday meal program? What inspires scores of young, successful professionals to take a break from their careers to teach underprivileged children?

Each of these questions holds the key to a story – a story of positive change, affecting the lives of individuals and communities. We at the Infosys Foundation have come across many such extraordinary stories and experiences along our 20-year-journey. In this report, we bring you some of the stories that we have collected over the last year. We are grateful to be a tiny part of these stories – to be able to serve as catalysts in the larger social transformation, and these motivate us every day to continue marching on our chosen path till we are sure that the change we want to see is for real.

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Journey of the helping hand

Journey of the helping hand

Report 2014-15
A little help goes a long way. The story of the Infosys Foundation stands as proof of this. Since 1996, the helping hand of the Foundation has been trying to make communities and individuals stand on their feet. We started with a humble purse of Rs. 30 lakh, which gradually increased as the company grew in size and revenue. From helping communities affected by natural disasters, constructing toilets and building libraries for village schools, to providing succor to Devadasi women and donating funds for cancer treatment, scientific research and midday meals — if there is a worthy cause in sight, the Foundation is always there to support it. The helping hand has traveled from Karnataka to Kashmir and from Kutch to Arunachal Pradesh, answering calls of the distressed, identifying projects, monitoring their progress, and carrying the collective goodwill of the Infosys family. This is our first independent report, which gives us an opportunity to look back on our work over the years and renew our commitment to our dictum, ‘Bahujana hitaya, bahujana sukhaya’ (for the benefit of many, for the happiness of many).

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