Restoring the glory of our ancient monuments

Conserving and restoring ancient monuments is an important responsibility of our generation because it helps us to understand our rich cultural history and leaves a legacy for future generations. Lakshmeshwara, near Gadag, is a historic town with over 50 stone inscriptions, several temples and unique edifices that showcase the finest architecture from the Chalukyan, Rashtrakuta and Vijayanagara periods. These cultural representatives were neglected with the passage of time due to various reasons. The Someshwara archeological complex is one among them, which is a State protected monument by the Department of Archeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka.

Infosys Foundation identified the pressing need to preserve Lakshmeshwara’s monuments when Mrs. Murty saw the dilapidated Someshwara complex during her first visit to the place as a tourist in 2012. The Foundation wrote to the Department of Archeology, Museums and Heritage, Government of Karnataka expressing its desire to help restore the archeological complex. The directorate in turn responded positively. Consequent to this, a project report detailing out the steps needed to breathe new life into the archeological structure was prepared. Soon after this, a memorandum of understanding was signed and the Foundation sanctioned grants in November 2012 for restoring the entire complex by May 2015.

Today, the archeological complex is in the process of gaining some of its lost glory as 14 structures have already been completely restored using the Foundation’s grant. The Foundation and the Department of Archeology will continue to work to ensure this complex regains its elegance and strength, and is able to withstand the onslaught of time.

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