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NelsonHall identifies Infosys as a leader for Cloud Infrastructure Migration & Management

NelsonHall has assessed and evaluated Infosys' capabilities with regard to Cloud Infrastructure Migration and Management, and has identified Infosys as one of the overall leaders and a leader in the Advisory, Assessment & Migration focus market segment in their NEAT evaluation released in December 2016.

The report states "Infosys has already implemented toolsets to support both migration (CMS) and the ongoing management, orchestration and provisioning of cloud environments (IIMS Suite). We expect Infosys to continue to expand and mature the use of automation tools for cloud services, for example in the up-front application assessment phase, and adding MANA (now part of Infosys Nia) into the ongoing management, orchestration and provisioning."

Infosys Leader in Cloud Infrastructure Migration

The evaluation highlights Infosys strengths with regard to -

  • Infosys' corporate-wide automation focus is a natural fit for cloud services
  • Infosys' application experience aligns to cloud migration skill requirements
  • Integration capabilities which increase in value in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Existing proprietary toolsets for migration and cloud environment management.
Cloud Infrastructure Migration & Management

According to the report, the convergence of applications and infrastructure represented by cloud based applications will give Infosys a greater opportunity to leverage our application experience, to grow into infrastructure management engagements. David McIntire, a Research Director in NelsonHall’s IT Services practice, and author of the report, said, " By continuing to mature its cloud management capabilities, as well as growing its DevOps skilled workforce to complement its application capabilities, Infosys seeks to position itself as a client’s partner for the ongoing management of its entire digital landscape."

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