Information and Cyber Risk Management (iCRM)

Infosys iCRM provides the best-fit frameworks to secure a borderless enterprise of today and tomorrow. From basic regulatory compliance to futuristic converged security solutions, we offer end-to-end solutions in the areas of data, applications, infrastructure, and cloud security. Leveraging best of breed product partnerships and repository of best practices, iCRM offers commercial flexibility and noiseless delivery of operations. It uses analytics and automation that are driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to catalyze security transformations that pre-empt security breaches and enable collaboration across dispersed security teams.

Our offerings

Security for a borderless enterprise

With enterprises adopting latest technological advancements with respect to cloud, mobility, social, and Internet of Things (IoT), the demand to secure the IT environment has never been greater. At the same time, with security threats lurking at every point, enterprises need to ensure that their approach to security is comprehensive, supports the adoption of new technologies, aligns with business goals, and is able to combat the growing variety of threats from within as well as outside the enterprise. Infosys Cloud Security Assessment framework covers end-to-end lifecycle (design, build, and operate) enabling visibility and control across the enterprise.

Risk reduction

The sources and scenarios of information and technology risk are changing rapidly due to frequent updates in regulatory needs and a vast ecosystem viz. suppliers, partners, contractors, and internal (to be managed in a global context). We bring a coherent and comprehensive approach to manage risk across layers of processes, technologies, and people with a common controls framework supported by technical vulnerability management. Thus, we deliver organizational-wide governance, risk mitigation, and compliance including outsourced IT and cloud operations, process unification, and automation.

Strengthen access

Today with data residing in disparate systems, securing these have become even more challenging. Irrespective of where the data lies — legacy, industrial systems, on-premise datacenter, cloud, or mobile — our offerings ensure strong service and client satisfaction enabling secure digital interactions, seamless integration at business layer, commercial flexibility, and smoother transitions.

Cyber threat management

Enterprises are under continuous attack. With the proliferation of mobile devices that plug into enterprise infrastructure, every application that depends on cyberspace is at risk. Infosys Advanced Security Response Center ensures early detection of threats, identification of potential impact, and provision of actionable insights that enable faster decision-making and effective damage remediation.

Other offerings