Digital Future

The Times They Are a-Changin’

The era of services, marked by differentiating experiences, is already upon us and the pace of change is not letting the smartest among us sleep. Recently, the young founder of AirBnB, the start-up that shook up the hospitality industry, announced that this company worth US$30 billion will soon transform itself to become a platform that will also sell offbeat excursions, and different kinds of experiences. A magazine quoted him saying: “If we don’t grow past what we originally invented, what led to your success leads to your death.” This example, in many ways, captures the spirit of our times. Incessant innovation is becoming indispensable to succeed, spurred on by rapid technological advancements and deep-rooted connectedness – both among individuals and different industries. The reference in the title to the anthem of change is not only a tribute to the Nobel prize-winning musician Bob Dylan, but also a shout-out to our times.

As an experienced global technology services company, we have a vantage point from where to keenly understand these massive changes and make them work for organizations. In this issue of Infosys Insights titled Services in the Time of Being Digital, we bring you glimpses of servicification of some key products and technologies and the new paradigm in which these will thrive, as well as their collective potential to truly transform our lives in the near future.

On the cover, we present an enterprise roadmap to successfully chart this digital journey, elucidated by President and Chief Delivery Officer of Infosys Ravi Kumar S. In the ‘Ideas and Beyond’ section, senior Infosys leaders interview two industry experts – Peter Sany, CEO of TM Forum and Michael Haag, Senior Vice President at KUKA – to discuss the kind of amazing opportunities that are opening up for the telecom industry and robotics, respectively. In the third article, a senior Infosys business leader explains why A.I. will soon define our everyday experiences, citing three industries where A.I. is making headway. You’ll find a couple more A.I.- focused discussions in the final sections of the journal. In the next article, Scott Sorokin, Head of Digital at Infosys, refers to the phenomenal success of Pokemon Go to explain how brands can benefit from gamification.

In the ‘Tech Talk’ section, we bring you insightful perspectives on some emerging technologies. Senior experts from GE enlighten us on the ‘Digital Twin’, the living models of physical assets, systems or processes, which embody asset memories and group consciousness and can transform the operations and management of industrial systems. In the next article, a senior Infosys consultant explains how the revolutionary blockchain can be standardized for application across industries. And if you think augmented reality and virtual reality, mesmerizing as they are, will flourish only in gaming and movies, then get ready to have your perception shattered in the next article by Vishwa Ranjan, Head of AR/VR at Infosys. These two technologies, slowly but surely, are becoming an everyday reality. The next article, by a senior business consultant of Infosys, details the recent A.I.-driven developments in financial services, which could also address many issues challenging the industry.

In the ‘Renew-New’ section, we bring you articles focused on renewal of a few key industry trends that will help us embrace the new. Learn how 3D printing is making a comeback, or getting ready to live up to its true potential today, in the article by N Vijay, Head of Manufacturing (Americas) at Infosys. In these interesting times, it is imperative to reinvent oneself professionally – Holly Benson, senior leader at Infosys Consulting, drives home this point while referring to the WEF list of the top skills of 2020. I would definitely keep this article handy. Next, Pankaj Kulkarni, Global Head of Insurance at Infosys, elaborates the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of digital transformation in the Insurance industry. And the final one in this section, draws up the big picture of a changing investment landscape. Alex Gorelik, Founder and CEO of Waterline Data, member of Infosys’ global partner ecosystem, further explains why collaborations between large and small enterprises are mutually beneficial.

In the final section, ‘Research Unraveled’, Principal Analyst and founder of Constellation Research, Ray Wang, lists out exclusively for Infosys Insights, the seven essentials for an organization to succeed with A.I. in digital initiatives.

With such a line-up, I hope you will find this issue thoroughly enriching and relevant, irrespective of the industry you work in, or the expertise you have built over the years.

For the times they are a-changin’.

Pravin Rao
Chief Operating Officer, Infosys