Renew the Old. Build the New.


Finding the Problem: A Strategic new Role for Technology Service Providers

Every business is keen to make sense of the digital revolution. As power is increasingly shifting to end users with the intermediary layers fast dissolving, enterprises are striving to survive in a world that will look and feel very different from the one that we work and live in now.

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A Post Card from the Back, Mid, and Front Office of Banking

Since time immemorial, the changing profile of the banker has offered lessons to the banking industry. In 2000 BC, temples in Babylon served as safe vaults for savings of the kingdom’s subjects. Today, technology companies are emerging as intermediaries of financial services.

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Rebooting the Operating System for Digital Financial Services

Conventional structures and business models are being upended by pulls and pressures in the financial services industry. On one hand, parallel currencies, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and shadow banking systems are altering market dynamics, while on the other, millennial customers seek to seize control and participate in the creation of financial products and services.

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Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences Industry

As an industry actively transforming itself in the pursuit of reestablishing long-term sustainability, life sciences are just beginning to embrace true digital transformation.

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