Application Process

Step 1: Information Seminar / Career Fairs

There are many avenues to learn more about InStep - Infosys' Global Internship Program. Infosys conducts Information seminars and Career fairs in various universities. Check our calendar to know when we will be in your school.

You can also learn more about the program through our facebook page, youtube channel, blog, or just write to us at

Step 2: Apply to InStep

To apply for the InStep internship program, all you need to do is upload your resume and fill out the form here. Some key points:

  • We strongly advise you to read tips on resumes in order to ensure all the desired information is covered.
  • Please make sure your resume consists of your phone number, areas of interest, CGPA (if available), key skills, past experience/academic projects, year of expected graduation, university name, stream of education, and work authorization details.
  • While writing to us we also encourage you to look through our list of projects for the upcoming cycle and tell us which projects you would like to work on. You can choose any 3 projects which intrigue you and fit your career aspirations.

Step 3: Resume is Evaluated

Once your resume reaches the InStep team, it will be evaluated by a committee of speacialists who will try to match your profile with program requirements.

  • Fall: September
  • Spring: March
  • Others: All year round

Step 4: Telephonic Interview

After having a successful resume evaluation, candidates will be invited to attend a telephonic interview. As the interview will be based on the applicant's resume, it is advisable to be prepared to discuss all skills, strengths and experiences mentioned in the resume.

Step 5: Shortlisted candidate

  1. Receives an offer letter
  2. Student confirms receipt of the offer letter
  3. Visa Preparation and Logistics
  4. Arrival
  5. Integration

For any other queries please write to