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Applications Tips


The first step for a successful application is to ensure that the resume submitted contains all the required information in a concise structure. Therefore, when preparing your resume, ensure that it includes the following information:

  • Personal contact details
  • Educational background
    1. Dates of graduation
    2. Main courses taken
    3. Extracurricular educational experience
  • Language Skills
    1. InStep is a global internship program held in English. Therefore, you will be required to have basic knowledge of business English to be considered for the program.
  • Professional experience (when applicable)
    1. Start and end dates
    2. Main achievements and learning

Cover letter

Although a cover letter is not mandatory in the InStep application process, we recommend that you prepare one. Cover letters are expected to contain a self-introduction of the applicant, a brief explanation of previous academic and professional backgrounds, and any extracurricular experience that may be relevant. The cover letter can include your motivations to participate in the program and your understanding of why you are the right person for the position desired.

Before applying

The InStep internship is a project-based professional experience in which each intern is assigned work in a specific project, and is expected to present a final delivery at the end of the program. Therefore, being in the right project is crucial. At InStep, we give you the unique opportunity to review and suggest the projects you want to work in! You can view our available projects list, evaluate them, and select up to three projects that interest you. It is highly recommended that you emphasize in the application any academic or professional qualifications that may be correlated to the project chosen. We also recommend that you mention the area of interest in which you would like to work.

Preparing for the interview

The Instep interview is based on your resume. Therefore, you are advised to think about your skills and experiences provided in your resume, and be prepared to explain in detail achievements and learnings acquired in your academic and professional backgrounds.

We advise you to review the description of the projects selected during the application and reflect on the reasons of the choice and provide links to background. Make sure you use the interview to learn about your project and answer any questions you may have about it.

Finally, be yourself, be calm, and good luck!

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