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Infosys participates in Biz-Tech Conference at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, USA - December 3, 2010: Infosys sponsored and participated in the Biz-Tech Conference at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. The conference was centered on the theme 'What's next in the Mobile Evolution?".

Sanjoy Paul, Associate Vice President, General Manager-Research and Head of Convergence Labs took part in the panel Discussion on 'Digital Content'. Structural changes to the marketplace have created new complex challenges for content creators and distributors. It is imperative to determine how to best deliver, monetize and secure their intellectual property. They debated on who among the existing players within the mobile ecosystem (wireless carriers, application stores, publishers, device makers, and others) will reign as king of the content delivery world, what new opportunities will become available to users, and new forms the media will take.

Infosys also demonstrated products such as myMedia, a product aimed at allowing consumers to upload, store, organize and access their digital content (photos, videos, songs, etc.) in a uniform manner, at anytime, from anywhere, using any device, mConnect a context-aware, real-time enterprise middleware that enables mobile services for websites and eCommerce platforms and the iSMART intelligent power strip.

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