Love the corporate culture, diversity and values

Benji Thian and Sukriti Goel

Benji Thian from Singapore and Sukriti Goel, his project mentor, love the corporate culture, diversity and values at Infosys.


  • I am: Benji Thian, Undergraduate, Nanyang Technological University majoring in Computer Engineering
  • Home to me is: Where my family and friends are
  • Languages I speak: English and Mandarin
  • I joined InStep because: I wanted to leave my comfort zone, and be thrown into a new culture and environment.
  • After InStep: I will finish my studies
  • India to me means? A melting pot of sorts, so diverse that sometimes it is contradictory. I love the Indian hospitality, food and culture
  • My personal motto: What is a man who does not make the world better?

Project Mentor

  • I am: Sukriti Goel, Senior Research Scientist, SETLabs
  • What inspires me at work: New challenges, opportunity to work with intellectuals
  • InStep to me means: Mentoring students while learning a lot from them
  • What I would want my intern to remember most about this experience: His experience with diversity and working in a distributed team
  • I would recommend mentoring interns to other Infoscions because: it gives an opportunity to take up and complete interesting projects in a short time and provides an exposure to different cultures. One would be surprised on how well a student can perform in a short span of time due to his/her point of view.

Intern and Project Mentor

  • The project we are collaborating on: We are conducting research in the area of Dynamic Business Process Management
  • Two things we have in common: We want to learn new things and love watching movies
  • Our role models: NRN
  • What we love about India: Wide variety of food and its diverse culture
  • And Infosys: Its values and the opportunity it provides to us to work together and come up with innovative ideas
  • A goal (professional or personal) we want to accomplish this year: The short term goal is to publish papers on the research we conducted. The long term goal is to get higher education and continue research work.
  • The biggest take away from our collaboration: We learnt new cultures, new methods for research in a collaborative manner.

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