Team work and unity in diversity

Nanjappa Jose

Jose Rodriguez, from New York, and his project mentor Nanjappa B.S. say that the biggest take-away from this internship is teamwork and Unity in Diversity.


  • I am: Jose Rodriguez from Brown University, USA
  • Home to me is: New York City, Rhode Island , and the Dominican Republic my Caribbean getaway
  • Languages I speak:Spanish and English
  • I joined InStep because: It gave me the opportunity to explore a new culture and work with amazing people from over the world.
  • After InStep: I will briefly go to New York City and then travel to the Dominican Republic to conduct research. My study would seek to analyze the impact the financial crisis had on a remittance dependent neighborhood there.
  • India to me means? Amazing people, tasty food, and a place fill with a rich and diverse culture.
  • My personal motto: With dedication and hard work everything is possible

Project Mentor

  • I am: Nanjappa, part of the HRD team at Infosys
  • What inspires me at work: the organization and my team.
  • InStep to me means: a platform that fosters a multi cultural environment and an opportunity to work and interact with some of the best young minds in the world.
  • What I would want my intern to remember most about this experience: It's the entire package. The india and infosys story, the cultural nuances and the people.
  • I would recommend mentoring interns to other Infoscions because it is a fantastic learning experience and an exposure to diverse perspectives. Highly recommended.

Intern and Project Mentor

  • The project we are collaborating on: a study of Infosys alumni portal, its effectiveness and impact by benchmarking with other portals and research. The ultimate goal is to help generate ideas and executable plans to enhance the many aspects of Infosys' alumni portal.
  • Two things we have in common: Our interest in R&B music and Basketball
  • Our role models: Jose' role model - my mother who is my source of inspiration. Nanjappa - No specific role model. However I do idolize sportspeople like Steven Waugh and Pete Sampras.
  • What we love about India: The food and the incredible places.
  • And Infosys: the work environment, the amazing people.
  • A goal (professional or personal) we want to accomplish this year: Jose: learn Chinese. Nanjappa: To improve on my squash techniques.
  • The biggest take away from our collaboration: Teamwork, Unity in diversity.

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