An outside perspective to learning

Sashidhar Vivek

InStep, for Vivek Pai, an MBA student from Cornell University, and his mentor Shashidhar Rajarao means an opportunity to meet and understand new people and culture.


  • I am: Vivek Pai, MBA student, Cornell University. Prior to business school, I studied Chemical Engineering and worked in business development in the pharmaceutical industry. I enjoy travel, reading, sports and music.
  • Home to me is: India where I was born and raised, and the United States - my home for the last nine years.
  • Languages I speak: Konkani, Kannada, Hindi, English and a smattering of Tamil, Italian, and French.
  • I joined InStep because: I hadn't worked much in India - this was the best opportunity to experience working at a leading Indian firm. Also, I have a strong admiration for Mr. Murthy and wanted to be a part of the Infosys experience. These have been two wonderful months.
  • After InStep: I am getting married (my wife and I had a Vegas wedding in May, but we will have a full-fledged wedding at a temple in New Jersey in September). I will enjoy my final year of MBA studies at Cornell, and return to work full-time next year to pursue a career in consulting, sales or general management.
  • India to me means? Coming home. The most amazing place on earth. Vibrancy, change and "order in chaos."
  • My personal motto: Do your best. Don't worry what others think about you, because in all likelihood they aren't!

Project Mentor

  • I am: Shashidhar Rajarao, Delivery Manager, playing the role of Unit Planning and Assurance manager for IS.
  • What inspires me at work: A feeling that I am contributing to the growth of the nation in a very legal and ethical way is a major inspiration. Also an almost never-ending stream of opportunities to bring about a change is what inspires me.
  • InStep to me means: An opportunity to meet and understand a new people/ culture. It brings in an outside-in perspective to what you think and do. You get to test and hone your mentoring skills, and of course you get a new friend.
  • What I would want my intern to remember most about this experience: There is no dearth for learning opportunities. Your learning depends on how keen you are.
  • I would recommend mentoring interns to other Infoscions because: it helps improve your mentoring skills, which is a key asset to you and your career.

Intern and Project Mentor

  • The project we are collaborating on: It's a Business Intelligence/ Sales Analytics project to create a system which enables Infosys sales professionals prioritize sales deals to focus on, and helps improve the sales win ratio
  • Two things we have in common: We both are huge cricket fans and love traveling.
  • Our role models: Gandhi and NRN
  • What we love about India: Unity in Diversity.
  • And Infosys: Forward thinking company with high ideals
  • A goal (professional or personal) we want to accomplish this year:
    Vivek: Improve my tennis and squash skills.
    Shashi: Take IS performance to greater heights and build my dream house.
  • The biggest take away from our collaboration: Conceptualized a sales analytical tool which hitherto was not there.

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