Financial Highlights

Five Year Overview Indian GAAP (Standalone Basis)

Per Share Ratios

The data for the current fiscal year will be updated post Annual Report release

Basic EPS from ordinary activities(1)(4)102.3389.2078.7869.5356.13
Cash EPS from ordinary activities(1)(4)110.2798.8387.1176.4562.57
Price/ earning, end of year(1)(4)21.6818.4018.3420.6128.87
Price/ cash earnings, end of year(1)(4)20.1216.6116.5918.7525.90
Price/ book value, end of year(3)(4)5.304.464.605.537.60
PE/EPS growth(1)(4)1.471.391.380.862.44
Dividend pay out ratio (%)(2)49.839.729.929.729.3

(1)before exceptional items
(2)excludes special dividend for various years
(3)Represents number of times
(4)Adjusted for bonus shares

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