Financial Highlights

Five Year Overview Indian GAAP (Standalone Basis)

Per Share Ratios

Basic EPS from ordinary activities(1)(4)102.3389.2078.7869.5356.13
Cash EPS from ordinary activities(1)(4)110.2798.8387.1176.4562.57
Price/ earning, end of year(1)(4)21.6818.4018.3420.6128.87
Price/ cash earnings, end of year(1)(4)20.1216.6116.5918.7525.90
Price/ book value, end of year(3)(4)5.304.464.605.537.60
PE/EPS growth(1)(4)1.471.391.380.862.44
Dividend pay out ratio (%)(2)49.839.729.929.729.3

(1)before exceptional items
(2)excludes special dividend for various years
(3)Represents number of times
(4)Adjusted for bonus shares

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