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Industry context

Mobile technology can bring about significant efficiencies in manufacturing operations. Among large manufacturers, more than half of the process manufacturing industry and more than a third of the discrete manufacturing industry already use mobile technologies in their assembly lines in the form of either RFID-based sensor networks or ruggedized mobile devices to automate portions of their manufacturing processes.

Mobile technologies are now increasingly playing an important role in accessing enterprise data to improve and accelerate decision-making in manufacturing enterprises.

Consider these statistics:

  • Over 80% of manufacturers want to increase reliability on mobility in their manufacturing processes
  • Over 70% view it as a key factor in converting downtime to productive time.

In short, for the manufacturing industry, mobile technologies are the perfect “last node” automation solution to increase employee and asset productivity, efficiency, and automate processes.


Mobility solutions offer great potential, yet pose a variety of challenges:

  • How can mobile technologies be used to increase employee and asset productivity?
  • Which technologies must they invest in?
  • What processes should be targeted first? What should the road map look like?
  • Can there be a single solution that can target all manufacturing related functions such as production, quality, maintenance, production, engineering, and plant management?
  • How will the solution be integrated with manufacturing IT systems?

Infosys provides a diverse portfolio of service offerings to the manufacturing industry. Our proprietary tools help clients realize their business needs at every stage of the manufacturing cycle.

Infosys Consulting offerings help clients assess their organization’s readiness in rolling out mobility technologies.

Our consulting service offerings include:

  • Landscape analysis
  • Infrastructure readiness assessment
  • Road map design
  • Product evaluation and vendor analysis
  • Device evaluation and analysis
  • Proof-of-concept development

Field force automation solutions
Infosys has developed mobility solutions for field force personnel to access enterprise data on the go, so they can better serve customers. The solution can be deployed over existing IT systems, so as to minimize the investment required. The solution can:

  • Provide relevant and up-to-date information to field service personnel for responding to work requests in a timely and effective manner
  • Remove latency, reduce turnaround time, increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Integrate with existing enterprise systems such as CRM, ERP, and work order management to reduce overall operational cost and protect existing investments
  • Provide real-time data across all channels for quick decision-making

Mobile applications and solutions development
Infosys helps manufacturers design and develop mobile solutions tailored to their requirements. Our application development footprint spans custom ruggedized handhelds based on Windows Mobile and Android platforms, along with traditional platforms such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, and HTML5. We have SMEs who can develop applications on various third-party mobility frameworks such as Antenna, Sybase and Mobile-Distillery.

In addition to the typical online validation offerings for functional testing and performance testing, mobile validation includes niche offerings such as user experience testing, device diversity testing, network diversity testing and iPhone pre-certification testing.

Infosys advantage

With end-to-end offerings in mobility, Infosys can help your organization leverage the power of mobility for efficient manufacturing operations.

In today's highly competitive environment, our offerings have proven to:

  • Increase employee productivity / efficiency
  • Increase business revenues / sales results
  • Increase inventory, shipment and asset accuracy
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