Leading electronic components distributor migrates batch jobs from mainframe to distributed platform; saves US$ 400,000

The client, a leading electronic component distributor of interconnect, passive, and electromechanical (IP&E) components was taking unnecessarily long time to complete sales processes and also used complicated user interfaces. Infosys moved the organization’s batch code to a distributed platform and modernized applications that addressed its business needs. This enabled it to get rid of legacy systems and resulted in significant savings.

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Mainframe modernization for an insurance care company enables reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) by 25 percent

A versatile benefits administrative services company that deals with high volumes of long-term care, dental, and vision enrollments annually; had numerous manual operations in administering insurance programs that resulted in delays.

The company partnered with Infosys to migrate legacy applications to a web-based solution, which resulted in TCO reduction and improvement in time to market by 40 percent.

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Leading US bank saves US$406,000 with Infosys by migrating from legacy systems to a highly scalable architecture

A leading corporate and investment banking major in the U.S. was running on legacy systems, and lacked automated workflows, documentation, and SMEs with thorough understanding of software applications. Infosys helped the financial enterprise migrate from legacy systems to a highly scalable architecture resulting in improved capability, overall cost savings of US$406,000, and more.

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Infosys re-engineered CRM applications for a telco enabling US$13 million annual savings

An American broadband and telecommunications company, which is also the largest US wireless communications service provider spent unreasonably long time to complete orders and was incurring higher operational expenses owing to multiple legacy applications. Infosys re-engineered its CRM applications that helped in annual savings and added benefits.

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Financial services major re-engineers legacy systems and reduces total cost of ownership by 30 percent

The client, a leading American multinational financial services corporation, best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler’s cheque businesses suffered many deficiencies from its suite of legacy systems. Infosys helped re-engineer and enhance a portfolio of 72 legacy and client-server applications; thereby, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and time-to-market. Learn more.

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A leading utilities company migrates to SOA based solution, improves productivity, and reduces cost

One of the largest UK-based utilities companies, which owns and operates water, wastewater, and electricity infrastructure; and serves around three million customers was using legacy systems. Learn how Infosys helped them with improved productivity and reduced business disruption by migrating to a solution based on service oriented architecture (SOA).

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