The art of legacy modernization

Legacy modernization has been one of the biggest priorities for chief information officer (CIO). Enterprises have known that modernization is not only desirable, but also imperative and has challenges associated to be dealt with. With limited budgets, CIOs have to perform a balancing act between running operations and preparing for the future. Suryaprakash V K, Vice President, and Service Offering Head, Infosys, discusses the approaches an organization can take to chart its modernization path.

Published with permission from Dataquest India

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Infosys wins the Cloud Innovation for Mainframe Migration award

Infosys has been awarded the Microsoft Platform Modernization Award 2016 for cloud innovation at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC). It is a testimony to the valuable focus and drive demonstrated by our team. This recognition comes at a time when markets are gaining momentum owing to our strategic initiative of migrating legacy workload to Microsoft Azure.

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Strategies to accelerate batch applications performance on z/OS

Batch applications form the primary workload in the IBM mainframe environment. Over the past few decades, custom applications have been written, modified, and patched even as new versions of operating system or software are released. Sometimes, these are done with major enhancements to make the applications more efficient. However, the older custom applications have not always been able to leverage the latest enhancements effectively. Read more to learn from our experience at a financial organization, the impact of optimization, and benefits from tools and some programming techniques.

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Integrating the mainframe with Java

Mainframe-based legacy systems contain a wealth of data and functionality crucial to business. In a number of scenarios, it is not practical or cost-effective to replace them with any other system. People have worked on integrating the mainframe with other platforms to protect their huge mainframe investments. Read to learn some popular methodologies for integrating mainframe applications with Java-based Internet applications, and their corresponding benefits thereof.

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