Insurance and Healthcare

Solution highlights

Infosys replaced the legacy system with a web-based solution that was built using J2EE AND .NET to enable SOA, web services, etc. Infosys utilized the Modernize tool to analyze PB applications and capture existing business rules and functionalities. The Infosys program management framework minimized disruption and the solution addressed all issues of usability, scalability, maintainability, security, and operations.

Business Value

The scalable, robust and secure solution supports higher transaction volume and has reduced TCO and maintenance effort by up to 25%. With significant improvement in system usability through a user-friendly interface and features, employee productivity increased by 20%. The solution could also adapt to and administer other programs to support business growth.

Solution highlights

The Infosys team changed the business rules and carried out data migration from GML paragraphs to structured COBOL and static paragraphs by:

  • Custom developing GML parser
  • Mass testing of all test cases from production over the past two years
  • Custom developing a PDF comparison tool to identify text differences between documents of as-is and to-be systems
  • Taking a phased development and implementation approach, defined on the type of documents
  • Adopting an iterative approach for parser development for each phase

Business Value

Infosys automated the parser and testing comparison, improving time to market deployment by 50%. Infosys also enabled 70% overall automation, particularly in code generation for business rules and output or static text from GML paragraphs, thereby ensuring standardized code and consistent quality. The implementation also reduced manual testing effort by 75% owing to custom and freeware PDF comparison tools.

Solution highlights

Infosys designed a modernization initiative involving COBOL code analysis, modularization and business rule externalization. We developed an SOA-based solution to extend the mainframe system while enabling data restructuring, data migration (VSAM and IDMS to DB2) and batch window reduction.

Business value

Post-implementation of our solution, the benefits included:

  • Improved time-to-market (deployment) by ~50% through automation of both parser and testing comparison
  • Approximately 70% overall automation, specifically in code generation (business rules) and output text (static text) from GML paragraphs using a custom GML parser
  • Approximately 75% reduction in manual testing effort using the freeware PDF comparison tool DiffPDF and our custom developed PDF document comparison tool

Consistent quality and standardized code due to automated code generation.

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