Berlin Studio

Welcome to our Berlin Studio: The Innovation Fabrik, located in the heart of the city on two floors of an historic industrial baking factory. Instead of churning out bread, the factory is now home to our ‘living lab’ - the Infosys Innovation Fabrik (meaning factory in German), specializing in AI and Automation.

BACKFABRIK, Saarbrücker Straße, 36-38 10405 Berlin +49 (0)69 269566 155

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Our Innovation Hub

Our ‘living lab’ serves as a hub for our expertise in AI, Automation and Machine Learning. Here we help large companies grasp the complexity and value of AI, as it is applied to their business. The Innovation Fabrik co-creates innovative solutions to real business problems using AI, helping corporations shape their future.

Our mission is to foster relationships with startups, academia, and experts to offer the right space, state of mind, and environment for companies to articulate great ideas. With innovation workshops and fast prototyping we give these ideas form and turn them into tangible solutions with real business value. The lab is deeply connected to, and supportive of, the local ecosystem, hosting events, meet ups, trainings, and hackathons.

The “co-innovation program for AI and advanced analytics startups” provides startups with a co-working space, a community of experts, like-minded people, as well as client activities, projects, support, training, access to technical tools, and access to investment.

With open workspaces, conference rooms, and quiet spaces – including a retired telephone booth – we offer our clients and partners facilities for Design Thinking workshops, customer meetings, collaborations and prototyping.

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Our Digital Studios

are innovation hubs that house digital innovators with a diverse range of international experience and expertise across our core services.