Digital Disruption is Everywhere

Infosys commissioned an independent survey of over 1,000 respondents at CXO or senior management level from organizations with annual revenues exceeding US$ 1 bn, and an employee base of over 5,000.

screen 1 sea L1 wave fish
3 Types Of Resposibilites water water Fish
Visionary Ship


Explorer Ship


Watcher Ship


Every business wants to explore new horozons
island of new business culture and transformation
water watcher ship explorer ship visionary ship water
they must prepare for choppy waters water with boats lightning
water with boats
inability to manage changes absence of digital skills lack of senior leadership commitment and challenges are Everywhere
but the visionary sees the opportunity and threats clearly sea
Because data tells the visionary what lies ahead
water island zoomed in
The Visionary Continously Strengthens the vessel Building In-house Capabilites water
the need to improve a business model drive the visionary
to reform enterprise water
water slowly but surely through testing and learning cross industry knowledge and experience complex programe management capability design thinking capability
to reform enterprise water
towards digital future plane
water visionary on island explorer ship watcher ship
a watcher or visionary can be explorer too Download Report
Take survey download report from ANZ Area
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