Webcast on Accelerated Deployment

Learn how to overcome the challenges of deploying new Microsoft technologies, speed up the process of adopting new Windows technologies and manage the complexities of the program to achieve the best results. Learn about our new Enterprise Deployment Agreement offering that helps you achieve predictability in deploying Microsoft Technologies.

Accelerated Deployment

In today’s digital world, enterprises function in multi-location, multi-user environments that encompass multiple technologies and platforms. In addition, enterprises are also moving towards designing and adopting a ‘Common Operating Environment’ (COE), to exploit newer technologies that will provide substantial savings on support and operational costs. Driving business productivity and future readiness in such an environment depends on enterprises leveraging new capabilities built into the latest enterprise software versions.

For companies that have signed the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, deploying new Windows™ technologies can be a “quick win” that requires relatively low investments. Infosys’ Accelerated Deployment solution offers a cost-effective, predictable and customized transition to new Windows™ technologies. It helps you go live faster than industry-benchmarks. It seamlessly delivers planning and execution, including remote deployment and rigorous testing, with minimal disruption to end-users and your business.

Deployment Architecture

Infosys’ deployment framework factors in the complexity of your applications spread across desktops (for testing and packaging) while working out the deployment plan, so as to ensure minimal downtime of mission critical applications. Our Accelerated Deployment solution leverages the Global Accelerated Deployment Center (GADC), based on the Global Delivery Model, by exploiting geographical location and time-zone differences. The GADC model uses a 4-phased PRDO (Plan, get Ready, Deploy, Operate) methodology for execution that assures clients of delivery excellence.

Signup for Enterprise Deployment Agreement – Achieve Predictability in Deployment

Learn about Infosys Enterprise Deployment Agreement (DA) targeted at Microsoft Enterprise Agreement customers who want to deploy the latest Microsoft technologies while ensuring minimal disruption to their operating environment. DA also simplifies deployment budgeting needs as it is modeled over a three-year term, similar to Enterprise Agreement.

How will you benefit from the Webcast?

Participation in the ‘Accelerated Deployment’ Webcast will enable you to extract maximum value from your investments in Microsoft Technologies. Infosys will share with you their learnings from complex deployment programs of 150,000+ desktops and servers across the globe, including testing, packaging, and deployment of approximately 1,500 to 2,000 applications.

The Infosys – Microsoft Alliance brings an unmatched combination of product and implementation capabilities that can help you deploy the latest Microsoft Technologies more efficiently and effectively. The speaker will draw on his vast experience to identify the challenges faced by companies trying to migrate to the latest Microsoft technologies and the best practices, tools and methodologies that can be adopted to overcome the challenges and migrate to the new platform faster.

Additional resources: https://www.infosys.com/consulting/systems-integration/service-offerings/

About the Speaker

K. B. Prasad, Group Engagement Manager, Infosys Technologies

Prasad is the solution owner for Infosys' "Accelerated Deployment" solution. He has more than fifteen years of experience in the Technology Industry. His areas of expertise are Infrastructure Operational Efficiency and Technology Deployment.

Infosys’ strategic alliance with Microsoft brings together the innovative technologies of Microsoft and the integrated services delivery capabilities of Infosys to deliver tangible business value to you. Our joint engagement model ensures excellence in delivery.

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