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Event Details

Date: April 10-15, 2011
Venue: The Venetian and Palazzo Hotels, Las Vegas, USA
Booth Number: G - 2


Event Overview

Infosys is a Gold Sponsor at IBM IMPACT 2011. The global conference brings together over 6,600 technology and business leaders interested in making their organizations more agile with Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and WebSphere based solutions.

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Session Details

Session: 1610A
Topic: Target - Critical Success Factors for Deploying IBM Sterling Order Management
Speakers: Meredith Jordan, Seniro Group Manager, Target.com
Giridhar Kuppili, Principal Consultant, SCM Practice, Infosys Technologies
Ranjith Maniyedath, Senior Technical Architect, IBM Software Group (Industry Solutions), IBM
Date: April 12, 2011
Time: 13:30 -14:45 PDT
Venue: Venetian - Marcello 4403

Session Description: Learn how leading retailer, Target, is taking customer experience to the next level by re-asserting control over its order management processes. In this session, know firsthand how Target leverages IBM Sterling Order Management to exceed customer expectations, while optimizing costs in a distributed supply chain.

Session: 3016A
Topic: BPMS and Impact of Emerging Trends
Date: April 13, 2011
Time: 12:00-13:00 PDT
Venue: Venetian - Lando 4305
Speaker: Kapil Goel, Engagement Manager, BPM-EAI, Infosys Technologies

Session Description: Businesses are making significant investments in Business Process Management for ensured success in a dynamic market and to impart cohesiveness and agility to operations. However, with the emergence of multiple options including Social BPM, Process Intelligence and Cloud Computing, businesses are struggling to choose a suitable direction to their process management journey. Should they continue putting together the basic building blocks of BPM, roll out BPM at the Enterprise level or should they invest in new trends? The session explores the relationship between core BPMS principles and emerging trends. Infosys expert expresses his views on how customers can embark on a fruitful BPM journey.

Session: 2193A
Topic: Fulfilling the Promise of Multi-Channel Commerce
Date: April 13, 2011
Time: 13:30-14:45 PDT
Venue: Venetian - Delfino 4001A
Speaker: Guneet Paintal, Senior Principal, SCM, Infosys Technologies

Session Description: Multi-Channel Commerce (MCC) crossed the tipping point a while ago. Today, every major company is looking at providing a seamless cross-channel experience to customers with regards to buying process, returns, promotions, and loyalty programs. However, many of these programs meet with limited success since the scope of their multi-channel strategy is limited to the front-end of their operations. Companies must realize that it is efficient product and service delivery that leads to superior customer satisfaction and improving margins via reductions in Total Landed Costs. This session will outline optimization ideas using Sterling products to improve efficiency and performance of the supply chain.

Speaker Profiles


Meredith is currently working with Target.com helping them transition control and management of eCommerce capabilities to a third party platform. As part of this initiative, Meredith is responsible for transitioning business and technical capabilities for guest contact center, guest order management, commerce services and analytics.


Giridhar has over 12 years of industry experience with nine years in delivering strategic initiatives and customer order management capabilities across multiple channels for enterprises globally. Giridhar brings expertise in Supply Chain Management supported with a deep understanding of IBM Sterling Commerce Product suite and technical knowledge.


Ranjith works in IBM's Technical Services practice helping customers size, test, tune and run their implementations of Sterling Commerce suite of applications. He leads the performance testing efforts for order management and call center deployments as part of Target's ongoing initiatives to overhaul their eCommerce capabilities.


Kapil has over 12 years of industry experience. He is currently responsible for Sales and Engagement for BPM, Enterprise Integration, Supply Chain, Customer Care, and Master Data Management for Manufacturing, Insurance, Healthcare, and Life sciences industries. Kapil incubated the BPM practice within the Infosys Enterprise Solutions unit. He has helped Fortune 500 clients embark on their Enterprise BPM journey with activities spanning across BPM Business Value articulation, BPM roadmap planning and enterprise BPM roll out.


Guneet currently leads and manages a large multi-channel order management implementation at a retail organization. He has spearheaded multi-million dollar programs for large retailers involving global multi-disciplinary teams. Guneet has promoted thought leadership in e-commerce and supply chain management by developing solution toolkits that help showcase domain expertise, reduced implementation timeframes and introduce process orientation in large implementations.

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