Realize the Benefits of Master Data Management

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Event Details

Date: June 15, 2011

Time: 13:30 CEST

Venue: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Event Overview

Infosys and Oracle jointly organize a seminar on benefits of Master Data Management (MDM).

At the event:

  • Learn how MDM helps meet needs and creates value
  • Explore various options for implementation
  • Learn more about MDM best practices
  • Receive feedback from other organizations, including testimony by Alstom Grid

Exhibition: Paris-Delhi-Bombay

The exhibition is a collaboration between artists and original thinkers (philosophers, anthropologists, economists, sociologists and lawyers) of France and India and is based on three years of work in the field of humanities. Paris-Delhi-Bombay is the culmination of a strong desire to communicate and foster a dialogue between French and Indian cultures. Intercultural relations are a daily reality at Infosys. The spirit of this exhibition reflects our philosophy and values.


13:30 Welcome
14.00 Introduction
14:15 Session 1: Delivering on the promise of MDM implementation, best practices and implementation scenarios
15:15 Session 2: Overview of Oracle MDM solution offerings, strategy and roadmap
16:00 Session 3: Evidence Alstom Grid
16:30 Cocktails
17:30 Tour of the exhibition: Paris-Delhi-Bombay

Session Details

Session 1

Topic: Delivering on the promise of MDM, implementation good practices and use case scenarios

Date: 14:15-15:15 CEST

Speaker: Olivier Penel, MDM Principal, Infosys Technologies

Session 2

Topic: Overview of Oracle MDM solutions offering, strategy and roadmap

Time: 15:15-16:00 CEST

Speaker: Khalid Madarbokus, MDM Industry Sales Development, Oracle Corporation

Session 3

Topic: Measuring the Cross-Functional Benefits of a Customer MDM Program

Time: 16:00-16:30 CEST

Speaker: Bruno Billy, Enterprise Architecture and MDM Project Manager, Alstom Grid

Speaker Profile

Olivier Penel

Olivier Penel has over 10 years experience in leading Master Data Management (MDM) initiatives in various industries. He has led multiple end-to-end implementation projects and acquired significant experience defining MDM strategies and roadmaps, advising data governance frameworks, running business value assessments, scoping and planning implementation projects, and matching business objectives to technical capabilities and business value realization to IT roadmap.

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