Webinar: New Revenue Streams through Technology Innovation

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Event Details

Date: Thursday, June 15, 2006
Time: 14:00 EDT/ 11:00 PDT
Session: New Revenue Streams through Technology Innovation
Speaker: Magan Arthur, Principal Consultant , Infosys
                  Subhankar Bhattacharya, Senior Associate, Infosys


This live web event examines and discusses key technology considerations for the digital age.

Webcast attendees will:

  • Evaluate key technology considerations for exploiting and monetizing digital media
  • Gain insight into various issues surrounding new media ventures
  • Understand how well-defined technology architectures can support business transition
  • Learn ways to reduce the risk associated with business ventures in new media
  • View a demonstration of a new Infosys application for monetizing digital content through syndication

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Magan Arthur is the Principal Solutions Consultant at Infosys' Media and Entertainment (M&E) Practice. Magan is an acknowledged thought leader in Enterprise Digital Content Management. Prior to his work at Infosys, he has implemented large-scale digital asset management systems at Getty Images, Boeing and Harcourt. His focus is now on building solutions for the digital media enterprise. He most recently worked with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Scripps Networks, Ascent Media and CanWest Media Works.

Subhankar Bhattacharya is a Senior Associate at Infosys' Media and Entertainment (M&E) Practice. He is one of the lead architects of IT-enabled business solutions and a key driver of Infosys' Digital Media Enterprise framework. Subhankar specializes in Media and Entertainment and has extensive experience in building innovative solutions in Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management and Pricing Management for the Media industry.

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