Swiss Testing Day 2012

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Event Details

Date: March 14, 2012
Time: 08:00 - 18:00 CET
Venue: Kongresshaus, Zurich, Switzerland

Event Overview

Swiss Testing Day is a premier testing conference in Europe. With more than 750 attendees it is also one of the largest conferences. The conference is now into its seventh year and provides an excellent platform for all people involved in the IT testing field. The neutral organizational setup of the conference ensures that only the most relevant trends, methodology and management practices related to software testing are included in the program.

At the event Infosys and ABN AMRO present a session on 'Unleashing the True Potential of Test Environments'.

Visit Infosys' booth to interact with subject matter experts who can help you understand how to build the QA organization of tomorrow.

Session Details

Topic: Unleashing the true potential of Test Environments
15:15 - 15:35 CET
Speakers: Ron Hulsker, Service Manager, ABN AMRO and Amber Kumar, Senior Technical Test Lead, Infosys.

Session Description
120+ projects. One Test Environment. This is the kind of constraint that QA teams work with today. In a bid to stay competitive, organizations are constantly implementing new systems and launching products. What this means is, multiple IT projects need to be executed simultaneously to achieve business objectives. Consequently, there are multiple projects which need to be tested by the QA team. What doesn't change is the number of test environments available to the QA team. Such a situation, if not managed efficiently, can lead to conflict in sharing resources, and can adversely impact quality or timelines, or worse still, both.

ABN AMRO and Infosys faced similar challenges a few years ago. Realizing that the key to solving the problem lay in developing an effective test environment management mechanism and not in opting for more test environments or expensive tools, the team set about developing a solution in-house. The following presentation, based on actual experiences, not only discusses the need to manage test environments effectively but also the important elements required to build an effective solution:

  • Dynamic test planning based on dependencies.
  • Early conflict detection to reschedule effectively.
  • Customizable reporting for various levels of management to quicken and improve decision making process.

Such a solution which allows effective prioritization and comprehensive overview of all projects reduces delays in projects due to conflicts associated with test environment by up to 70%. For all organizations this is a feat worth emulating.

Speaker Profiles

Ron Hulsker

Ron Hulsker is a Service Manager with ABN AMRO and is responsible for the availability of the test environments and testing in general. He is the chairman of the regular Vendor Test Meeting and an expert in Core Banking Systems.

Amber Kumar

Amber Kumar is a Senior Technical Test Lead with Infosys and is currently responsible for coordinating and handling testing activities at client location in Amsterdam. He has a keen interest in improving test processes by providing automated solutions.

Since 2009, he has led the team responsible for designing and building the test environment management solution.


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