World Congress Leadership Summit on ICD-10 Implementation

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Event details

Date: May 23–24, 2011
Venue: Sheraton Premiere at Tysons Corner, Vienna, Virginia, USA



Event overview

Infosys is a Sponsor at the World Congress Leadership Summit on ICD-10 Implementation. The event will focus on ICD-10 conversion and impact of the mandated changes on several functional areas of an organization. At the summit, know more about:

  • Payer and provider best practices in transitioning to ICD-10
  • 101 on ICD-10 – strategies on how to get up to speed
  • Creating an infrastructure to manage your organization through the various stages of transition


Session details

Topic: Roadmap to Achieve Financial Neutrality
Speaker: Rajiv Sabharwal, Chief Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Infosys Technologies
Date: May 24, 2011
Time: 11:00-11:45 EST

Session description

Provider reimbursements and payments are challenges for healthcare payer organizations planning ICD-10 transition. It is imperative to ensure that any change to codes, payment structure or methodology is implemented on a revenue neutral basis. Payouts based on ICD-10 must be within an understandable and acceptable variance for both payers and their trading partners.

Key learning objectives:

  • Enriching health plans negotiating capability from a financial neutrality perspective while redefining their provider contracts in an ICD-10 world
  • Establishing a prospective business model that can help achieve financial neutrality and reduce operational risks across an organization’s functional areas
  • Leveraging the ICD code set analysis from a neutrality standpoint for defining a sound ICD-9 to ICD-10 map or ICD-10 to ICD-9 map


Speaker profile

Rajiv Sabharwal, Chief Solutions Architect, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Infosys

Rajiv Sabharwal

Rajiv Sabharwal has been responsible for ideation, development, and delivery of healthcare and life sciences products and solutions for the large customer base of Infosys. Some of the solutions he has been involved with include iTransform (an integrated product suite for managing 5010 and ICD-10 transition), Interoperability platform (a middleware suite of components tailored for seamless interoperability between various underlying source systems), and EPM (an integrated platform for enterprise performance measurement including P4P). He also leads a team of techno-functional architects involved in defining client-specific solutions.

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