A giant leap for social entrepreneurship

Infosys CEO, Kris Gopalakrishnan, believes that the spirit of ‘giving back’ to society calls for our closer attention. In addition to philanthropic activity and endowment programs, companies must bring their gift for strategic thinking and execution excellence into the social milieu.

In an opinion column in The Economic Times, Kris writes, “Corporations must look at cultivating and encouraging social entrepreneurship in society with the same degree of focus and energy that keeps profitable businesses running.

In an era when about 300 multinationals control 25 percent of the world’s assets, it is up to ‘companies with a conscience’ to tap the power of the youth. Youth have found empowerment in the ubiquity of technology and the democratization of online media, among other factors. They have the drive and hunger to be agents of change but in many cases, their dreams go unrealized for lack of support or guidance.

With the right push, imagine the transformation their ideas could bring to the economy, society and the environment,” Kris wonders. “Think of the difference they could make by channeling the energy of the youth towards improving education or healthcare.”

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Published with the permission of The Economic Times