Infosys Identifies Five Business Mantras to Accelerate in a Slowdown

Infosys is re-inventing itself by focusing on five strategic areas, according to S.D. Shibulal, Chief Operating Officer, Infosys. The company is concentrating on transformational deals, large outsourcing deals, new engagement models, execution and talent management.

Shibulal states that a major thrust area is commercializing the Intellectual Property (IP) developed by Infosys Labs, Infosys' R&D arm. "To commercialize (IP), you have to add a few things: you have to patent them, make sure you are not infringing on somebody else’s patent, make sure it has a product road map and make sure the product does not become stale in a very short time," says Shibulal. He discusses how Infosys is developing new IP in specific verticals such as the ShoppingTrip360 platform for the retail industry.

Shibulal also highlights the increasing acceptance of customers for Infosys’ new engagement model based on variable pricing. The model is based on the number of transactions, events, maintenance tickets or devices.

Further, Subhash B. Dhar, member of the Executive Council, Infosys, discusses how the company is partnering with clients through new engagement models and flexible pricing in an interview with Computer Business Review magazine. Infosys' result-oriented model provides clients with "outcome-based", "transaction-based" or "function-based" pricing. Subhash also highlights how Infosys is helping clients capitalize on business opportunities emerging from a shift in consumer preferences. The company is offering solutions on web- and mobile-based platforms for social networking.

Subhash goes on to discuss some of the successes that Infosys has already had with these new engagement models. He also adds that by adopting these models, businesses can brace themselves for improved demand, without the burden of a big investment, while Infosys bears the risk involved.

Published with permission of Computer Business Review magazine