Infosys is India's premier thought leader

Infosys is India's leading 'thought leader', according to a survey of influencers. A poll of directors at blue chip companies, newspaper editors and philanthropists commissioned by TLG Communications revealed that Infosys tops the list of brands ahead of the 'most admired' global thought leaders.

We seek to influence the behavior and attitude of constituents with a policy underlined by transparency, inclusivity and sustainability.

Lead by example
Infosys discloses information that is relevant even when it is not mandatory. In fiscal 1994, Infosys provided a comparison of performance vis-à-vis projections. The next year, such disclosure became mandatory in India.

Democratizing wealth
Infosys initiated an Employees Stock Option Plan (ESOP) program that has distributed shares to more than 18,000 employees. It set a precedent for recognizing the contribution of employees by sharing over US$ 10 billion.

Sustainable solutions
Infosys develops solutions that enhance the quality of life. Our Information and Communication Technology (ICT) application for farmers offers visibility into the supply chain to enable better crop planning, scheduling, and forecasting.

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Source: TLG's BRIC Index of Thought Leaders

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