Shibulal outlines his vision of tomorrow's enterprise

Technology offers a level playing field for the start-up to challenge an established global company. Consequently, business demands engaging with digital consumers, anticipating change and responding with innovative products and services.

Infosys Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director S. D. Shibulal articulates his vision of the smart enterprise by focusing on the key drivers of business. In a series of articles at, he addresses the challenges of building tomorrow's global enterprise.

Digital Consumers

Companies must deliver personalized products and services to an informed and discerning digital generation. They need to interact and collaborate with digital consumers to create innovative offerings.

Emerging Economies

The reservoir of talent in developing countries has created new hubs of innovation. Companies need to revisit their R&D strategy by incorporating 'frugal innovation' of the East to make leaner, durable and more affordable products.

Sustainable Tomorrow

Global companies can grow sustainably by reconciling business goals with the interests of all stakeholders. Sustainable enterprises must focus on ‘green’ innovation, responsible use of natural resources and community development.

Healthcare Economy

Developed and developing nations must address the challenge of universal healthcare. It demands a preventive approach, personalized medicine and a cost-effective method of administering services.

Pervasive Computing

The widespread adoption of smart devices has made computing ubiquitous. Enterprises can better serve digital consumers by capitalizing on sensor networks, cloud computing and business intelligence.

New Commerce

The convergence of mobile telephony and the Internet is reinventing business models. Technology-enabled commerce will ensure inclusiveness by transforming retail, healthcare and other industries.

Smarter Organizations

Enterprises must identify and respond to consumer trends quickly by simplifying processes and adapting to change. An ecosystem that facilitates collaboration across the enterprise accelerates innovation.

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