Shared values, respect for employees and defined growth path - Kris shares the success mantra

Shared values among leaders, respect for all employees, and a clear, defined path for growth are the key elements of Infosys' success story, according to Kris Gopalakrishnan, Infosys Co-Founder and Executive Co-Chairman.

In an interview with Professor Rita McGrath at Columbia Business School, Kris outlines the history and growth of the company, and the crucial factors for businesses to succeed.

Focusing on the initial days of the company, he explains how the company was built brick-by-brick and how Infosys focused on leadership and decision making models. "Infosys has a structured talent management process where rising leaders learn from other leaders to better prepare for the future," he says.

Describing the efforts and years taken to establish Infosys as a respectable global corporate entity, Kris discusses the company's continued focus on leadership development, education, training and research, innovative culture, and Infosys 3.0.

"Leaders must be committed, passionate, and patient. Successful companies must recognize the need to continue to learn and build their organizations to be adaptive to encourage learning that in turn breeds more innovation," Kris adds.

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Published with permission of Columbia Business School