‘Technology spend in the manufacturing sector on an upward climb’

Low energy costs, increased technology consumption, automation and improved supply chain risk mitigation continue to drive the resurgence of domestic manufacturing in the U.S., says Ashok Vemuri, Head of Americas and Global Head of Manufacturing, and Engineering Services, Infosys.

In an article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Ashok, who took over as the Global Head of Manufacturing, and Engineering Services in April 2012, talks about how the resurgent manufacturing sector is looking at technology to bring together a whole ecosystem across mobility, digital marketing or supply chain optimization and accelerate growth.

Adds Ashok: "The booming high-tech world, resurgence in the auto and aerospace sector, increasing consumption of technology - whether it’s in mobility or supply chain risk mitigation or processes - all of those areas are gaining a significant amount of traction which provide increased confidence that the overall technology spend in the manufacturing sector is on an upward climb."


Published with permission of Supply & Demand Chain Executive