Infosys launches Finacle 11E

An advanced universal banking solution to simplify transformation

Finacle 11E, the newest release of the Finacle universal banking solution builds on the success of Finacle to deliver powerful benefits to global banks. The solution makes possible the faster launch of new products and services, helping banks realize a 55 percent return on core banking transformation investments* and an average improvement of 33 percent in their time to market**.

Finacle 11E’s componentized approach helps banks of all sizes rapidly modernize their operations in a phased manner, while minimizing risk. Its enterprise-class components are built to enhance the efficiency of a bank's operations, while improving customer experience across all channels.

As banks aim to reinvent their business and navigate the current challenges in the macroeconomic environment, Finacle 11E promises a simplified approach to banking transformation by:

  • Making it easy for banks to quickly target new customer segments and modernize their business, by choosing the components they need and replacing their existing systems one step at a time
  • Ensuring shorter deployment cycles and significantly lower total projects with its ready made integration adaptors and compliance to industry standards.
  • The product factory capabilities in Finacle 11E empower banks to create and deploy new products in weeks instead of months.
  • Helping banks break their technology silos and eliminate duplicate applications. This in turn helps banks reduce their cost of operations and simplify their processes.
  • With this release, Finacle has added six new enterprise components to its suite:
    • Payments – An ISO 20022 based advanced payment services hub to future-proof banks’ payments business
    • Multichannel framework – Enables customers to navigate seamlessly across multiple channels without losing the transaction context
    • Offers and catalog – Empowers banks to publish instant offers across channels. Graphical product simulators, comparators, and customer reviews offer users a ‘do-it-yourself’ convenience
    • Liquidity management – Front-to-back office solution for banks' corporate customers to identify, manage and optimize their liquidity
    • Loan origination – Helps banks manage the complete credit lifecycle across retail and commercial loans to attain superior credit quality
    • Dashboards – Configurable role-based console delivers an intuitive user experience that improves productivity and frees up time for right-sell discussions

*Based on a client case study prepared by Aite, an independent research firm

**Based on an independent Business Value Articulation (BVA) survey conducted with 46 Finacle clients by Feedback Business Consulting Services, a third-party independent market research organization