Infosys and IPsoft join forces; Underlines importance of autonomics for IT operations

IPsoft, a leading independent provider of autonomic IT services, and global consulting and technology leader Infosys have formed a global partnership. The partnership will leverage IPsoft’s proven autonomics platform – IPcenter, together with managed services from Infosys, to help reduce costs of IT operations and generate greater value for clients.

IPcenter delivers self-learning and self-healing systems to automate recurring manual IT tasks, and in turn substantially reduce human intervention. IPsoft’s autonomics services combined with standardized processes and metrics from Infosys maximizes the efficiency of IT operations. The partnership will bring to market a powerful new strategy to accelerate business outcome-based sourcing and free up critical resources otherwise engaged in managing routine tasks. This will help CIOs transform their departments to meet not just technology enablement mandates but also business enablement goals.

As part of the partnership, IPsoft and Infosys will collaborate to set up an Autonomics Center of Excellence and an Autonomics lab at the Infosys Global Education Center in Mysore. The new Autonomics Center of Excellence will focus on developing technical competencies and training 5,000 Infosys employees in the discipline of autonomics in the coming months. The Autonomics lab will develop proofs of concept and design autonomics solutions for clients.

Chandrashekar Kakal, senior Vice President and Global Head of Business IT Services (BITS), Infosys said: “Infosys has always been at the forefront of innovation in the IT services industry – from pioneering the Global Delivery Model to accelerating the adoption of managed services. We are now at the cusp of another first – autonomics-driven service delivery. We believe autonomics can help enterprises balance shrinking IT budgets and expanding demand for business enablement. We are confident that our partnership with IPsoft will help us deliver greater returns on our clients’ IT investments.”

Chetan Dube, CEO, IPsoft commented: “This is a true partnership of strengths. It brings together the consulting expertise, enterprise IT services, and enduring customer relationships of Infosys with the autonomics capabilities of IPsoft. This formidable combination will help clients free up resources for higher priority innovation efforts. Simply put, autonomics-driven services can bring to IT support and maintenance the kind of productivity gains that robotics brought to the manufacturing industry.”