Infosys Launches AssistEdge

Empowering contact center agents, delighting customers

Today, demography of the customers is changing at a rapid pace, majority of customers are young and would like to contact the contact center over their channel of choice. Customers prefer social media channels over the traditional channels. Contact center agents need access to vast knowledge repositories, unlike the traditional in-house knowledge base to effectively troubleshoot the issues. Enterprises need to empower agents with intelligent systems that transform agents from problem solvers to revenue generators.

Today's solutions, only address point problems. What enterprises need is a solution that provides an integrated service experience to both agents and customers.

Infosys AssistEdge is the first customer service product for contact centers that delivers an integrated cross-channel experience. The product's distinctive context-passing capability, patented self-care technology and an intuitive dashboard helps enhance customer experience and boost agent productivity. Using an innovative context-passing capability, Infosys AssistEdge integrates the customer history from various channels and presents it to a call center agent within a single window dashboard. This distinct capability enables faster query resolution and helps companies significantly reduce average call handling time.

Infosys AssistEdge delivers a seamless experience to customers across devices. And it's available both on-premise and on the cloud.

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