Infosys launches TradeEdge

Maximize Visibility | Amplify Reach | Minimize Cost

Emerging markets with their billion consumers present phenomenal growth opportunities for global brands. However, these markets are characterized by a fragmented network comprising thousands of distributors and millions of small retailers. Due to the complex distribution network, global brands lack complete visibility into sales, inventory and orders across the distribution chain. Infosys TradeEdge is the best insights-driven sales platform that helps global brands accelerate profitable growth in the emerging markets.

Maximize visibility by generating accurate and actionable insights across the distribution channel

Infosys TradeEdge helps global brands improve case fill rate by up to eight percent and reduce non-productive inventory by as much as four percent. Infosys TradeEdge enables brands to collaborate with distributors and exchange information on product, sales and promotion in an accurate and timely manner. It provides real-time insights into product’s share of shelf. It also helps brands track and analyze shopper behavior at modern retail store to deliver a superior in-store buying experience while improving sales.

Amplify reach by rapidly on-boarding distributors and reaching un-served retailers

Infosys TradeEdge rapidly on-boards distributors onto a low-cost cloud-based ERP system in weeks, not months. It also helps standardize the daily operations of distributors. Further, Infosys TradeEdge enables brands to reach and serve remote retailers. It empowers retailers by providing them with self-service options – like placing orders and making payments using mobile phones that cost less than US$30.

Minimize costs by improving distributor productivity and enhancing sales execution

Infosys TradeEdge improves distributor productivity by automatically suggesting orders based on historical and forecasted sales, promotions, and inventory positions. This helps reduce manual ordering costs by up to 80 percent. It enhances distributor sales force performance by automating routine selling tasks. In addition, it delivers optimized route plans and enables the sales force to quickly place orders using mobile devices.

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