Infosys CommerceEdge – driving better results for online businesses

Accor, the world's leading hotel operator and market leader in Europe, has deployed Infosys CommerceEdge platform to provide its customers with a social travel shopping experience.

Infosys CommerceEdge is a comprehensive e-commerce and social commerce platform that enables visitors to log into Accor's e-commerce website using their Facebook account, enabling a simple connection and registration process. Visitors’ actions are then posted on their Facebook pages. These interactions enhance customer experience and help build wider visibility for different hotel brands within the Accor group.

The platform's reporting and analytics capabilities provide Accor with insights into customer behavior and their social interactions. Infosys CommerceEdge also provides a foundation for enabling access to Accor websites via other prominent online social media networks in the future.

Infosys CommerceEdge platform has been helping businesses succeed by enabling innovative and seamless consumer engagement across social, mobile, and in-store channels. Leveraging social data, the platform helps teams predict, personalize, and enhance shopping experience.

Enterprises rely on Infosys CommerceEdge to drive results for their online businesses. The platform provides robust merchandising support for a leading global cutting tools manufacturer, as well as offers a range of tools to engage with their customers and enhance their shopping experience.

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