ICA Gruppen announces major partnership with Infosys

ICA Gruppen, Sweden’s leading retailer, has announced a partnership with Infosys to outsource its IT operations. The outsourcing affects both IT infrastructure and application-related areas. In addition to cost savings, the change is expected to provide better conditions for business development projects within IT.

Sven Lindskog, CFO ICA Gruppen
“The fact that we are now scaling up outsourcing is a key step in the development of our IT operations. With a strong and skilled IT partner, which knows our environment, we will create greater flexibility for new business requirements, be able to cope with rapid and major changes more easily and quickly, and be better able to support our businesses in their operational development.”

Karmesh Vaswani, VP & Head – Europe, Retail, CPG & Logistics
“Our role as a services and transformation partner will see us revitalize the IT operations at ICA Gruppen as well as bring new ideas to help them innovate.  We will leverage our experience of working with many of the world’s leading retailers, banks and pharmacies to accelerate business value in the different businesses of the group. Our focus will be to help them renew their core operations as well as implement new capabilities in the most cost efficient manner.”