Ravi Kumar S. honored by MIT Forum

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation launched a manufacturing innovation consortium, which will be directed by the Forum’s Technology Advisory Board. This new consortium will provide guidance for manufacturing and retail companies to be part of the MIT Forum for the Supply Chain Innovation community. It will bring together distinguished members of the manufacturing and retail industries around the world to share knowledge and insights around technology, data science, and supply chain optimization research.

Along with this announcement, the MIT Forum also honored Ravi Kumar S., Executive Vice President, Infosys, with an expanded role on the Technology Advisory Board. The Board was launched in 2012 by the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, with Ravi Kumar as the Founding Board Member.

Ravi has driven the Board’s industry reach by bringing in representatives from other companies to join the Board. The decision to expand his role was made to thank Ravi for his vision and dedication to the forum.

“Infosys consistent support of the forum has been integral to the success of the board,” said David Simchi-Levi, Professor, MIT and the Founder of the Forum. He also added, “The forum is grateful for Ravi’s vision and thought leadership in industry and technology.”