Infosys China Signs Cooperation Deal with Tencent Cloud

Infosys has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing) Ltd., a leading provider of public cloud platform and services in China. Under the agreement, the two parties will collaborate in the area of Internet Plus - one of the top priorities laid out by Premier Li Kegiang in the 2015 Government Work Report, to drive economic growth by the integration of Internet technologies with manufacturing and business - and drive projects in areas such as smart city, smart energy, smart financial services and smart public services.

Infosys and Tencent Cloud will aim at enhancing each other’s brand value by leveraging client relationships and resources, and will consider each other as preferred corporative partner for “Internet Plus” projects. In addition, the two companies will jointly work in potential business exploration, both in public and private cloud, and implementation of public cloud projects.