Infosys Mysore campus to become a ‘smart city’ by April 2015

The 350-acre Infosys Mysore campus – home to several thousand trainees and employees – is all set to become a ‘smart city’ by April 2015. The concept of a ‘smart city’ is based on leveraging digital technologies to reduce resource consumption and overall costs. This results in minimal energy and resource consumption, effective waste reduction, and increased use of renewable resources. Infosys, which has already adopted several industry-leading energy and sustainability measures, aims to achieve zero waste to landfill sustainability in its Mysore campus.

This announcement was made during a meeting between Dr. Vishal Sikka, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys, and Shri. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, in January 2015 at New Delhi. The company will also provide its expertise in the areas of smart infrastructure planning and sustainable building technology to the Ministry of Urban Development.