Infosys inducted into the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in the HfS ServiceNow Services Blueprint Report, 2016

Infosys has been inducted into the ‘Winner’s Circle’ in the HfS ServiceNow Services Blueprint Report, 2016 for its innovative offerings to deliver large-scale ServiceNow programs and its as-a-service proposition for service experience transformation.

With one of the largest ServiceNow practices in the industry, including 400+ Service Management engagements and 200+ apps built for ServiceNow deployments, Infosys has delivered transformational benefits to its clients. For a Fortune 500 client, Infosys has deployed a persona-based self-service solution that has resulted in 25% reduction in call volumes. For another Fortune 500 client, Infosys has automated processes beyond IT such as HR, resulting in reduced cycle time by 20-30% for employees’ HR queries.

The HfS report rates Infosys as one of the most innovative ServiceNow partners based on:

  • As-a-service: Ability to deploy Service Management capabilities on ServiceNow in an “as-a-service” model thereby reducing deployment time by 50% and total cost of ownership by 35%
  • Service Experience Transformation: Strong personalization of user experience through a customised service portal, mobile apps and process harmonization
  • IP-led innovation: Based on its proprietary Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Café ServiceNow platform, Infosys has developed several assets and industry vertical solutions to deliver accelerated value for its clients. These efforts are underpinned by a broad set of Intelligent Automation capabilities around Infosys’ Mana (now part of Infosys Nia) automation framework.
  • Service Integration & Management: Ability to deliver streamlined operations across multiple providers using Infosys’ Service Integration framework
  • ServiceNow beyond IT: Strong ESM solution to automate business workflows and enable transformation beyond IT using ServiceNow.