Infosys-ATP Partnership Aces ‘Masters of Marketing’ Awards

Infosys-ATP marketing campaign strikes gold at the prestigious Masters of Marketing Awards held in London on October 4th 2016.

The Masters of Marketing celebrates and rewards true mastery in marketing, and recognizes efforts that combine creativity and innovation, to set new standards for the industry.

Our winning entry was ‘Infosys-ATP: Smashing Data, Acing Insights’.

Infosys was shortlisted for the category Sponsorship and Partner Marketing’, and edged out widely recognized brands to walk away with the award.

Since the initiation of the partnership with the ATP in late 2015, the desire was to rebrand Infosys and create a unique identity for the organization on the global stage. This award brings to fruit this effort.

Spread over 62 tournaments in 31 countries across the world, tennis as a medium has offered Infosys an excellent stage to tell its technology story through sports.

The uniqueness of the partnership with ATP is that it enabled Infosys to engage tennis audiences by leveraging the capabilities of the Infosys Information Platform (IIP) to create content such as:

  • Beyond the Numbers - a unique analytical series that deep dives into player performance
  • The Leaderboards - which crunch 25 years of data from every single point played anywhere across the world to answer questions a tennis fan may have, such as who is the best- Server, Returner and Under Pressure

Infosys has been able to truly showcase its technology prowess in sports through its partnership with ATP. A testament to the impact we made can be found in the 27% spike in traffic to the ‘Stats’ section of the