Infosys among top 3 companies in disclosure ranking scale

In a recent ranking of disclosures by companies in the BSE 100 index, Infosys scored among the top three. According to the 2016 edition of the India Disclosure Index by business advisory firm FTI Consulting Inc, the average score for BSE 100 companies in making mandatory disclosures was 3.7 out of 4, up from 3.1 in 2015, while for additional voluntary disclosures, the figure was 3.7 out of 6, up from 3.5 in the previous year.

Mandatory disclosures have to do with financial information, shareholding and board evaluation information, risk management policy, whistleblower policy and transcripts of analyst engagement and earnings calls. For the report, voluntary disclosures were defined as information about profitability and margin improvement, operating metrics, business strategy information and information on debt, and key corporate developments.

The India Disclosure Index 2016 revealed that 71 per cent of constituent companies in the BSE 100 index (up from 41 per cent last year) were fully compliant on the mandatory disclosures front. The average composite disclosure score was 7.4 on 10, up from 6.7 in the previous year.

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